TERMS OF USE OF www.betgenuine.com
1. Introduction

Please note that Betgenuine.com does not request user’s information on the verifications of subscriptions except for the user’s name or email address.

1. By accepting the Terms and subscribing to use the Website and Predictions you hereby agree that we shall be entitled to conduct identification, credit, and verification checks periodically that are required by applicable laws and regulations and relevant regulatory authorities for use of the Website and our Services generally. Also by subscribing you agree to provide all such information as we require in connection with such verification checks. We shall be entitled to suspend or restrict accounts of users in any manner that we may deem in our absolute discretion to be appropriate until the relevant checks are completed to our satisfaction.

2. Users are not allowed to give out a subscription link to a third party. Information accessed by you on the Betgenuine.com platform (including results, predictions, and odds) is for your personal use only and the distribution or commercial exploitation of such information is strictly prohibited. Should we identify any subscriber or user reposting and sharing exclusive information explicitly, we reserve the right to cancel the subscription of such subscribers where necessary.

3. Subscribers are advised not to leave or exit the WhatsApp or Telegram group without the admin’s permission, such action will automatically cancel your subscription and you will not be given access to the group except if you pay for a new subscription.

2. Acceptance

2.1 These Terms of Use govern your use of the sservices, content, and information provided by Betgenuine.com on this website. By registering, accessing and/or using the website, You acknowledge that You have read, understood, and agree to be legally bound by the Terms of Use. If You do not agree with the Terms of Use, please do not access, or use the Website. You must agree to the Terms of Use before accessing the website by ticking the “AGREE” box below. This action shall constitute your acceptance of the Terms of Use and shall govern your access and usage of the Website.

2.2 By attempting to access this Website, You agree to comply with and be bound by the terms governing the Platform.

2.3 If these Terms of Use have materially changed since you last accessed or used the Wesbsite, you acknowledge and agree that your continued access or use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of the changed Terms of Use;

2.4 You also agree to our privacy policy which covers how we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

3. Variation of Terms of Use

Please note that we may revise and update these Terms of Use from time to time in our discretion. Your use of this Website is governed by the version of the Terms of Use in effect on the date the website is accessed by You. We reserve the right to amend, change, vary or alter the Terms of Use at any time with or without notice to You. If You access or use the website after the amended Terms of Use has been published, You will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use as amended, changed, varied, or altered.

4. Personal Use

This Website is intended only for your personal use only, unless we agree otherwise in writing.

5. Access to the Website

5.1 To enable You create a profile on the website and complete certain transactions and make purchases, we may require that You provide your financial information and any other information that we may require from time to time (“Personal Information”).

5.2 You shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Profile and password and for restricting access to your computer/mobile device. While Betgenuine.com shall take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Information, You hereby accept responsibility for any breach, unlawful access, use, compromise, or manipulation of your Personal Information caused by your conduct, inaction, carelessness, inadvertence, or negligence. You are to notify us immediately if You become aware of any disclosure, loss, theft, or unauthorised access or use of your Personal Information.

5.3 We reserve the right to revoke your access to the website at our sole discretion and without assigning any reason or giving any notice thereto or in accordance with notice periods permitted in law.

6. Prohibited Uses

6.1 You agree that you shall not do the following: 6.1.1 use the Website in any manner that could damage or overburden Betgenuine.com, or any network connected to Betgenuine.com server, interfere with any other party's use of the Website; or

6.1.2 use the Website for any illegal or unlawful or malicious activity, or for activities that will be deemed improper under any law in force in Nigeria, which includes but is not limited to money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud, racketeering, amongst others; or

6.1.3 impersonate any person or entity, falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity, or use or provide any fraudulent, misleading, or inaccurate information; or

6.1.4 access or use (or attempt to access or use) another user’s profile without permission or solicit another user’s login information.

6.1.5 to reverse engineer any portion of the Website.

6.1.6 To remove or modify any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notice that appears on any portion of the Website or on any materials printed or copied from the Website.

6.1.7 to record, process, harvest, collect, or mine information about other users.

6.1.8 to otherwise attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Website.

6.2 You agree that we may take civil or criminal actions against You if we have reason to believe that You have used or attempted to use the Website in any manner prohibited above.


Picks and Accumulations 7.1 We provide the best possible predictions and ensure that we reduce the betting risk of our subscribers to the barest minimum.

7.2 We are therefore not responsible for failing outcomes of matches as all predictions and match analysis end before the match is played and final outcomes are decided on the pitch. Information on the website or affiliated social media channels should not be relied upon absolutely when placing bets and making picks. Bets are ultimately made at the user’s own risk and discretion.

8. Communication

You consent to us sending all notifications, notices, records, statements, communications, updates, records, and any other information regarding the Website and Betgenuine.com products to You (“Correspondence and Communication”) electronically. You also understand that you can remove yourself from these communications by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of the actual email.

9. Transmission of Personal Information

9.1 Your use of the Website may involve the transmission of your Personal Information to third party service provider(s). In view of your right to provide consent for the transmission of your personal information, You confirm that you have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy and that you consent to the transmission of such information.

9.2 The transmission, use and/or analysis of your personal data or information shall be processed by Us in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 2023 and any other data protection regulation in force.

10. Usage monitoring

We reserve the right, to access, archive, or monitor your use of this Website in accordance with the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. By using the Website, You accept our right to access, archive, or monitor usage to ensure service quality, or to evaluate the website, the security of the payment methods, compliance with the Terms of Usage, or for any other reason. You agree that our monitoring activities will not entitle You to any cause of action or other right with respect to the way we monitor the Website usage and enforce, or fail to enforce, the Terms of Usage. You further agree that in no event will Betgenuine.com be liable for any damages incurred by You because of our usage monitoring.

11. Copyright, Trademark, and other Intellectual Property Rights

11.1 You acknowledge that this Website and the content therein, includes, and without any limitation, our trademarks, service marks and logos, are owned by Betgenuine.com and protected by applicable copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, proprietary rights, and other intellectual property laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, media, and technologies existing now or developed in the future.

11.2 Accordingly, You may not copy, distribute or modify the Website or the content therein, including any text, graphics, user interface design or logos, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion, except as explicitly authorised by Us in writing.

11.3 For emphasis, [insert Company name]’s content on this website is provided to you “as is” for your information and personal use only and may not be used, copied, reproduced, aggregated, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes whatsoever without the prior written consent of company. provided that you are eligible to use the website, you are granted a limited license to access and use the site and the company content and to download or print a copy of any portion of the company content to which you have properly gained access solely for your personal, non-commercial use. company reserves all rights not expressly granted to you in and to the website and company content and marks.

12. Connectivity

You agree that You are responsible for the means You use to access the Website and understand that your hardware, software, the Internet, your telecommunications service provider, and other third parties involved in connecting You to the Website may not perform as intended or desired.

13. Indemnification

You agree that the use of the Website is not a secure method of transmitting information, and that the risk of any loss of information or interception of information by any third party will be borne by You and Betgenuine.com and its employees and partners shall not be liable for same. Betgenuine.com shall not be liable for any damages or injuries arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website or its non-use including non-availability or failure of performance, loss or corruption of data, loss of or damage to property (including profit and goodwill), work stoppage, or interruption of business, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure or for any failure to act upon instructions. You will at all times indemnify Betgenuine.com from and against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever for or on account of or in relation to any use of the Website and from and against all damages, costs, liabilities, charges and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or suffered by us and arising directly or indirectly out of your use of our website or any breach by you of any provision of this Terms of Use.

14. Termination

14.1 You acknowledge and agree that we may restrict, suspend, or terminate the Terms of Use or your access to, and use, of all or any part of the Website, at any time, with or without cause, including but not limited to any breach of the Terms of Use without prior notice to You.

14.2 We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting, publishing, or otherwise making available any user information, emails, or other materials that are believed to violate the Terms of Use.

14.3 Any suspension, termination, or cancellation of the Website shall not affect your obligations to Us under these the Terms of Use (including but not limited to ownership, indemnification, and limitation of liability), which by their context are intended to survive such suspension, termination, or cancellation.

15. Representation and Warranties

You hereby represent and warrant that:

15.1 You have read and understood the Terms of Use;

15.2 You are at least 18 (eighteen) years of age;

15.3 Your Personal Information and any other information given to us is true, accurate, authentic, current, and complete;

15.4 You grant to us the right to use your Personal Information in accordance with the Terms of Use;

15.5 You agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms of Use governing your use of the Website and You affirm that the Terms of Use are without prejudice to any other right that we may have with respect to your access to the Website under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria or otherwise;

15.6 You shall not assign or transfer your rights under the Terms of Use to anyone else, without our approval in writing;

15.7 your acceptance and use of Website does not violate any applicable law in Nigeria or any contract or obligation to which You are a party or are otherwise bound; and

15.8 that if You are accepting the Terms of Use on behalf of a company, organisation, or other legal entity, that You have their consent or authorisation to do so.

16. Limitation of Liability


17. Disclaimer of Warranties

[insert the company’s name] provides the contents and products on its website on an "as-is" basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the information, content, materials or products on the website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, [insert the company’s name] disclaims all such representations and warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. With respect to any conditions, warranties or guarantees that cannot be excluded under law, to the extent permitted under applicable law, our liability is limited (at our option) to the resupply or refund of the cost of products.

18. Third Party Service Provider(s)

In order for You to conveniently use the Website, we may utilise the service of third-party service provider(s). Please be aware that Betgenuine.com is neither responsible for the services provided by third party service providers nor are we responsible for the privacy policy or practices of third-party service provider(s). PLEASE NOTE that where You do not accept the terms and conditions of a third-party service provider(s), DO NOT ACCEPT the Terms of Use. We will ensure that any change, variation, or amendments to the terms and conditions of a third-party service provider(s) is promptly communicated to You.

19. Third Party Service Provider(s) Disclaimer

You agree that the Terms of Use governs only the Website provided by Betgenuine.com and not any service(s) provided by third party service provider(s). You agree that Betgenuine.com decision to use the service of third-party service provider(s) is not an endorsement of the content or services provided by third party service provider(s). By using the Website, You agree to use the services of third-party service provider(s) at your own risk. You agree that we do not control third party service provider(s) and that there is no agency relationship between us and third-party service provider(s). We expressly disclaim any responsibility for any service or information provided by third party service provider(s), and You agree to hold us free from any liability that may arise from service(s) provided by third party service provider(s). Betgenuine.com does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or usefulness of any service(s) provided by third party service provider(s). We do not guarantee that the services provided by third party service provider(s) will be secured, uninterrupted or free from errors. We have no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to You because of using the services of third-party service provider(s). You agree that any claim, controversy, complaint, or dispute arising out of or in connection with the service(s) of a third-party service provider shall be resolved in accordance with the terms and conditions of such third-party service provider.

20. Disclosures

You agree and expressly consent that Betgenuine.com may in its absolute discretion disclose any information in its possession relating to the Website at any time including your User Profile details to any other party, government agency or institution under local or international laws and any other laws to comply with its obligations pertaining to the provision of the services.

21. Disclaimer This website does not offer real money gambling, prizes, or stimulated gambling. The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only. Any references to games, casinos, or gambling-related activities are purely for entertainment and educational purposes

22. REFUND POLICY – Terms of Refund: Please note that you are entitled to a full refund. If your request for a refund is made IN NOT MORE THAN 24 HOURS after your payment was initiated and confirmed and you have not been added to the premium services nor use it.

23. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

23.1 The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

23.2 You agree that any claim, controversy, complaint, or dispute arising out of or in connection with your use of the Website (‘Dispute’) shall be resolved by mutual consultation between You and Betgenuine.com only. It is agreed that any Dispute which cannot be mutually resolved by the Parties within 30 (thirty) days of parties taking steps to resolve the Dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Mediation Act, 2023. The parties shall jointly appoint a sole arbitrator. Where the parties are unable to agree on the choice of an arbitrator within 14 (fourteen) days from when the party giving notice has requested that the matter be referred to arbitration, any party may apply to the Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK (Nigeria Branch) to appoint an arbitrator. The place of arbitration shall be Lagos State, Nigeria and the proceedings shall be in English Language. The resulting arbitral award shall be final and binding and judgment upon such award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Notwithstanding the above, You hereby agree Betgenuine.com reserves the exclusive right, at its option, to institute legal proceedings regarding any Dispute in any Nigerian court of law.

24. Severability and Miscellaneous Provisions

24.1 If any provision of the Terms of Use is deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall be fully enforced, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The failure of a party to enforce any right or provision of the Terms of Use will not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision.

24.5 You shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations of any governmental authority or agency which govern or apply to the operation and use of the Website.

24.6 Betgenuine.com may assign its rights and obligations under the Terms of Use or any rights hereunder without your consent. The relationship of the parties under the Terms of Use is that of independent contractors, and the Terms of Use will not be construed to imply that either party is the agent, employee, or joint venture of the other.

24.7 If there are other websites and resources linked to on the Services, these links are provided only for the convenience of our users. We have no control over the contents of those websites or resources, and therefore cannot accept responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. If you decide to access any of the third-party websites linked to the Services, you do so entirely at your own risk and subject to the Terms and conditions of use for such websites.

25. Contact Us

23.1 All feedback, comments, requests for technical support, and other communications relating to the Website should be directed to: Betgenuine@gmail.com AGREE