Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Frequently asked question (FAQ)


What does (Low, Normal, High) before tips  mean?

The (Low,Normal, High) before the tip suggests the confidence in the tip.  ‘High’ number stands for higher confidence in the tip, Normal stands for standard Probability, Why low stands for lower rate most of the time. The chance is followed by the tip on the match winner. Thus “High on Arsenal” means that Arsenal will most likely win the match.


What does 1X2 mean?

1-tip on home team winning, X-tip on tie, 2-tip on visiting team winning, 1X- tip on home team not loosing, X2-tip on visiting team not loosing, 12 -tip on each home or away team winning.


What does it mean btts

It is about betting on both teams to score, ‘Yes means both the home and away team will score’, While  ‘No mean either Home or Away team will not score or both  won’t score.


What does it mean Score

It is about betting on final Score/goals to be scored. Also determining Under/Over can be derived. Under means that less than 3 goals will be scored during the match(0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 2:0, 0:2 nebo 1:1), over, on the other hand is a betting on more than two goals will be scored during the match.


What bankroll is enough?

Cautious better should stick to “bankroll management”. Personally I do not recommend using more than 5% of your betting budget. So, if you have reserved $500 for betting, do not spend more than $25 for each match. Most of on line bookmakers enable bets of only $10.


What is the Success rate of our premium tips?

We have a high profitable rate of winning in the premium section as it’s all built upon tipping you will the most likely tips for the day with less risk odds.


How can I bet on BetGenuine? is not bookmaker. We only provide predictions and tips for tipsters.


What bookmaker do you recommend me?

1Xbet is currently my #1. They offer best odds on internet. It is a well established and stable bookmaker and you can trust them with your money.  Be careful with no name bookmakers.


Is online betting reliable?

It is, most of the time. However, on line betting is illegal in some countries. Make sure to find out what are the laws in your country and pick the bookmaker very carefully.


Why I didn’t receive the weekly newsletter?

Most of the time I mail it on Thursdays and Fridays with the tips for the weekend, however, If there are not many matches played during the weekend or I just forget, you wont receive your newsletter. To register for getting the newsletter please fill in the form.


Is everything on BetGenuine free?

It is not completely free. We do  offer any paid services which is the premium tips.


Do you provide tennis, hockey, horses tips?

No, we do not. We are focused only on soccer!



I have won big money, how can I thank you?

First of all, congratulations to your win. You will make us happy if you stay loyal to BetGenuine and tell your friends about us!



Do you have any other comments or questions about website?

Please use our contact form.



Do you provide fixed tips?

No, we do not. Our tips are based on the team’s current condition, player’s injuries and mutual statistics.